This site is maintained by Dr. Marty Crossland. It was originally intended primarily for faculty and colleagues to learn more about teaching with online technologies, and about creating and teaching fully online courses. It is being expanded to cover several important additional topics that Dr. Crossland is passionate about.

You can view Marty Crossland’s resume on this site.

A brief bio:

Dr. Marty Crossland is host and administrator of this site. University professor and administrator. Education and extensive experience in geology/geophysics, business, information technologies, and higher education. Scientific researcher with a worldview that embraces study of both (1) science of nature, and (2) scripture of the Bible, as two equally-valid revelations of God leading to further discovery of the Absolute Truths about His nature and His creation, along with man’s place and purpose within it. Evangelical Christian dedicated to the original intent of the United States Constitution and the demonstrable collective values of our founding fathers. Avid supporter and defender of Israel as the (still) chosen people of the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible, with whom Gentile Christians have been extended God’s grace through His only Son, Jesus Christ, to become joint heirs of His kingdom. Currently residing in Olathe, Kansas, U.S.A.

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