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Tragedy AND Hope in Detroit

by Marty Crossland on November 13, 2013

As I’m sure many other Americans have felt, I have been really saddened by the continued bad news about Detroit, Michigan. I remember when I was a teenager, Detroit was a hub of manufacturing, cool automobiles, and culture-shaping music. Henry Ford first capitalized on the assembly line manufacturing method in Detroit, which eventually became known as “the motor city.” “Motown” music was birthed and thrived there, and Detroit’s various physical and cultural products were exported around the globe.

Now, thanks to over forty years of “progressivism” in its government, the city has been devastated financially, physically, and culturally. Detroit recently became the largest city in history to declare total bankruptcy. Businesses have abandoned the city in droves. Current government estimates are that over 63% of its original population have left the city, never to return. City services are so stretched for resources that emergency services like fire and police 911 calls now routinely take over an hour to respond, and some parts of the city are so dangerous that even police officers routinely refuse to enter them. Videos of those parts look like bombed-out war zone news coverage of WWII.

Many are now pointing to Detroit as a harbinger of what is to become of the entire United States if it continues down the Progressivism path that the current administration has put us on. The unsustainable level of Federal spending, government largesse, and exponential increases in intrusive Federal control could very well turn the entire nation into another Detroit.

However, at least one new business has been birthed in the middle of Detroit’s tragedy — some may say even as a result of it. Shinola Watchmaking Company was started by an optimistic entrepreneur who saw a great opportunity for the assembly-line workforce to be employed in a similar process on a much smaller scale, making quality watches and timepieces.

Please review BOTH videos below. The first is a heart-rending report of the status of Detroit and what it may mean for the future of the U.S.  The second is an encouraging report about Shinola.

What Progressivism has Done to Detroit

TheBlaze.com has done an interesting analysis of the woes that social progressivism has foisted on the city of Detroit.

Detroit Chosen for Watchmaker’s American Dream

Shinola corporation deliberately chose Detroit for building a new state of the art assembly plant.


3D Scanning on a grand scale, for grand purposes

by Marty Crossland on November 13, 2011

In an earlier post I wrote about the new technology of 3D printers, by which solid 3D objects can be scanned and reproduced faithfully. I just recently discovered an additional new 3D scanning technology that can scan entire archeological sites with amazing accuracy. Its inventor, Ben Kacyra, is applying it to the recording and preservation of what he calls “heritage sites,” such as Mt. Rushmore. He has recently launched an initiative to complete 500 such projects of worldwide significance during the next five years. He recounts a story of how his team had only recently completed the recording of an ancient African tomb, only to have it destroyed soon thereafter by suspected arsonists. Because of his organization’s efforts, the site is being considered for an accurate reconstruction and restoration project.

My thoughts immediately went to applications for recording, preserving, and sharing for education the most significant sites of biblical archaeology, particularly those at highest risk to destruction or loss for various reasons.

I applaud and marvel at the scale, intricacy, and intentions of this notable and worthy project. Be sure and watch until the very end, when a “live” scan of the presentation room and audience is revealed! Enjoy!


Ever wonder why the U.N. is so oppressive toward Israel?

by Marty Crossland on July 18, 2011

Did you realize that the United Nations has passed more condemnation resolutions against Israel than against all of the current oppressive world regimes COMBINED? That list of oppressors responsible for murdering millions of human beings within their own borders (during recent years!) includes North Korea, Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, Cambodia, and China.

An ominous international conference, known as “Durban,” is planned for this fall (September 21) in New York City, where representatives from over 140 nations will work to further the massive U.N. efforts to do away with Israel and discredit the United States as Israel’s major ally. Why is the United States hosting such a heinous gathering?

Check out www.durban3nyc.com for more information. I picked up the following “Truth Bites” on that site:

  • 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs who enjoy full equality in all areas of life.
  • Arab Israelis have more money, education, rights and freedom than other Arabs living in any other country in the Middle East.
  • Arab Israeli women were the first Arab women of ANY country to receive the right to vote.
  • Arab Israelis enjoy a higher level of overall productivity than their neighbors in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and all other Muslim nations, with the exception of the oil kingdoms.
  • It is estimated that 30% of UNCHR’s (the UNHRC’s predecessor) country-specific resolutions were against Israel.
  • In 2006-2007, the UN passed 22 resolutions against Israel, but neglected to form a single resolution regarding the ongoing Darfur genocide in Sudan.
  • More than 17,000 deadly terrorist attacks have been committed by Muslim extremists since 9/11. How many has Israel committed? Zero.
  • Over a thousand civilians have been killed in recent political uprisings and demonstrations in Libya, Egypt and Syria.

These facts don’t point to an oppressive Israel, but rather to a benevolent, democratic Israel suffering at the hands of an oppressive United Nations coalition!

I urge you to watch the following video to gain a sense of perspective, and to heighten your awareness of this continuing threat against Israel.


Inspiring story of our national anthem

by Marty Crossland on June 14, 2011

David Barton does a stirring narration of the the events that led to Francis Scott Key’s penning of The Star Spangled Banner, and the following national sentiment and proclamations whereby it eventually became the national anthem of the United States of America.

Please join me in saluting and/or honoring  the Stars and Stripes on this Flag Day.


David Barton interview about America’s godly heritage

by Marty Crossland on June 8, 2011

I am a major fan of David Barton. His research into the Christian historical roots of America is amazing in its documented thoroughness and inspiring in the historical truths it has revealed. Here is a recent live interview he gave to Joni Lamb on the Celebration program (on the Daystar satellite network). He talks at some length about the truth about America’s Christian heritage, and how modern revisionist historians have omitted or misrepresented it in many history books written in the past 70 years or so.

I first discovered David Barton’s materials when Ronald Reagan was still president, and I have followed his continuing research and writings, and speaking engagements ever since. I invite you to go through the wealth of materials on the Wallbuilders website, as well as his daily podcast with Rick Green on Wallbuilders Live.

Please play close attention to David!


Freedom Isn’t Free

May 31, 2010 Historical Truth

Freedom isn’t free. But I fear that an increasing number of citizens of our nation are losing the essence of this truism. Today, Memorial Day, has caused me to reflect on this. As I am writing this I am watching a rebroadcast of HBO’s “Band of Brothers” docu-drama about servicemen in World War II. My […]

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