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Visualizing human development from conception to birth

by Marty Crossland on January 21, 2013

In a recent TED presentation, technical/medical artist Alexander Tsiaras dazzled his audience with an amazing visual journey. Using state-of-the-art medical sensing and scanning devices, powerful computer technology, and his largely self-taught but nonetheless stunning artistic abilities, he has created an animation that documents the full development of the initial conception of a human being through his or her birth event.

One of his comments early in the talk really stuck with me, as he was discussing the structure of collagen and how it is arranged in the human body, “… it was hard not to attribute divinity to it.” He uses words like “marvel” and “wonder” when describing what he discovered and modeled on the way to producing this piece.

You can read a biography about Tsiaras here:

Please watch this 9-minute video and marvel, as I did, at the Creator’s handiwork in making you, me, and all of our fellow human beings, from the instant of conception until our birth.

(10 minutes)


Discussing Christian apologetics among the learned

by Marty Crossland on June 3, 2012

Matt Crouch hosted a lively 2-hour discussion on the TBN broadcast this week among a panel of learned scholars. One of my strongest initial reactions to it was the civility of the tone and demeanor of the discussants. Unfortunately, these types of forums all too often quickly turn into bitter arguments laced with ad hominem attacks by at least one or more of the participants against one or more of the others, especially when the facts of the physical events and timing of the creation of the universe and of the earth are part of the topics of discussion.

This discussion, however, was fairly and evenly moderated, and all participants made good points while remaining professional and civil in their approach and tone. My congratulations go out to all of them for this outcome.

If Christian apologetics interest you at all, then I encourage you to invest the two hours in listening to this enlightening discussion. Full disclosure: I am a certified volunteer apologist for Reasons to Believe, the organization founded and presently led by on of the panelists, Dr. Hugh Ross, and I am one of the chapter leaders for the Kansas City chapter of that organization.


I just saw a fascinating presentation about creating more powerful presentations by NOT using PowerPoint. Indeed, the talk illustrates the point by using live dancers on the stage with the presenter to help illustrate the points of the message. The speaker, John Bohannon, is a microbiologist, and has started a contest called “Dance Your PhD,” encouraging science researchers to employ professional dancers when speaking or illustrating their concepts to a live audience. Search for this term on and see some of the winning entries.

I think you will enjoy and appreciate this TED talk.


Amazing healing for moms from fetal cells – automatically!

by Marty Crossland on January 6, 2012

This article is a fascinating report that scientists are discovering that fetal cells actually migrate into the mother’s body during pregnancy. Many of these are fetal stem cells, which seem to migrate to areas of the mother’s body that may be abnormal or damaged and actually work wonderful healing activity at the site. Even more amazing is that these cells appear to remain active for decades, if not the entire lifetime of the mother, for ongoing healing benefits for the mother!

Read the entire article here:

Unborn child just a ‘parasite’? Cutting edge science shows fetal cells heal mother for life

Here is an informative NPR radio broadcast about the topic:

Babies’ Cells Linger, May Protect Mothers


Can you imagine?

by Marty Crossland on December 4, 2011

What was it like for God to observe the initial building materials of the universe, before even a single star or planet came into existence? How did He perceive the history to come, which He already fully knew? What was it like to envision a perfect future for us as imperfect beings that He created? How could that be a “good” creation? But He indeed declared it so. And he is graciously and lovingly allowing us to experience it, with His greater purposes at work all the while.

I wanted to share this video that asks those questions and more. Please watch and ponder.


Studying life-like but nonliving chemistry for inferences about life and how it works

November 13, 2011 Scientific Truth

t a recent TED conference, researcher Martin Hanczyc gave an intriguing report on his work of creating and studying what he calls “protocells.” He believes that these nonliving chemical packages exhibit some characteristics of living cells, and indeed that does appear to be true. At the beginning of his talk he gives a nice overview of […]

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Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job

November 2, 2011 Biblical Truth

have been reading the latest book from Dr. Hugh Ross, Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job. It is fascinating! Like many people, I’ve always considered Job to be primarily a treatise on patience and longsuffering. While it is indeed a profound study on how one can maintain the perspective that God is in charge no […]

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U of Kansas researcher finds way to multiply adult stem cells

June 21, 2011 Scientific Truth

In a brilliant new discovery recently announced by the University of Kansas Medical Center in the scientific journal Stem Cells, Dr. Soumen Paul has found a promising new method of multiply a special class of adult stem cells, called “pluripotent” stem cells. According to an article on the KUMC website, “Like embryonic stem cells, pluripotent […]

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What a creative brain looks like

February 4, 2011 Scientific Truth

Here is a fascinating talk given by Dr. Charles Limb, a neurosurgeon who also happens to be a jazz musician. He has a particular research interest in how the brain works when it is being creative. He uses functional magnetic resonance imaging to create a picture of the brain of talented musicians as they create […]

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Illustrating truth and beauty inside a functioning cell

December 11, 2009 Scientific Truth

David Bolinsky has done some awe-inspiring work to give us a glimpse of the complexity, beauty, and wonder associated with the functioning of cells in our bodies. He is engaged with the biology faculty at Harvard to develop a wondrous set of images and animations that help students understanding the structure and functioning of cells. […]

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Celebrating the scientific experiment (and a cogent take on global warming!)

December 2, 2009 Scientific Truth

I really enjoyed a TED talk by Kary Mullis, where he talks about the nature of scientific experimentation as it relates to the nature of the scientist (or scientist-to-be). Dr. Mullis is a Nobel prize winner who discovered a way to “amplify” (or replicate) DNA strands, a now widely popular method that enhances genetic studies […]

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The Hubble Ultra Deep Field Study — Inspiring and Fascinating!

October 1, 2009 Scientific Truth

This video from NASA is not exactly about teaching technology. I am nonetheless fascinated and totally awe-inspired by it and I think you will be, too. This is about one of the most important pieces of technology ever built by mankind, the Hubble Space Telescope. And this video can certainly be used in the classroom […]

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