David Barton interview about America’s godly heritage

[I] am a major fan of David Barton. His research into the Christian historical roots of America is amazing in its documented thoroughness and inspiring in the historical truths it has revealed. Here is a recent live interview he gave to Joni Lamb on the Celebration program (on the Daystar satellite network). He talks at some length about the truth about America’s Christian heritage, and how modern revisionist historians have omitted or misrepresented it in┬ámany history books written in the past 70 years or so.

I first discovered David Barton’s materials when Ronald Reagan was still president, and I have followed his continuing research and writings, and speaking engagements ever since. I invite you to go through the wealth of materials on the Wallbuilders website, as well as his daily podcast with Rick Green on Wallbuilders Live.

Please play close attention to David!
[EZWebPlayer VideoID=f79d2648-df03-45e3-8539-492f7c78688f/]

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