Glenn Beck’s New Online Program and Network

[I] was at least somewhat saddened when I heard that Glenn Beck is ending the spectacular run of his program on Fox News Channel. It is one of the few regularly scheduled programs that I record with my DVR and watch every episode.

Mr. Beck is launching a new program on September 12 in a whole new format, on the Internet. My kind of stuff!

He and his team have produced a stage-setting initial program that I found fascinating. I am excited to see how they will perform thorough research, produce it with integrity and excellence, and deliver it with absolute cutting-edge distribution technologies. It will be great to watch, and even more important, to participate in. That’s because the focus is going to be helping us understand what we can DO to reclaim America’s exceptionalism and become forces for good within our culture, rather than being just entertained or┬ámerely inspired.

I invite you to join me. Here is the initial episode:

[EZWebPlayer VideoID=3f60bc07-5d68-4b51-a326-37ab04ffb5d9/]

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