Happiness Revealed — Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

I was moved and inspired by this TEDTalks video by Louie Schwartzberg. He has spent a lifetime producing vivid images of nature in still photography and videography. He has become an internationally-reknowned specialist in time-lapse nature photography, and his special interest is documenting the delicate and wondrous opening of hundreds, if not thousands of varieties of flowers.

In this video he shares with us how his own wonderment for these natural processes, and he reflects on the natural reaction many of us have in our own minds, or even our own verbal exclamations of “Oh my God!” when we actually notice such everyday wonders. This spills over into a sense of appreciation and gratitude to our Creator as we acknowledge our own day-to-day blessings.

Be sure and watch the preview of his current project at the end of the video!

(10 minutes)

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