Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job

[I] have been reading the latest book from Dr. Hugh Ross, Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job. It is fascinating! Like many people, I’ve always considered Job to be primarily a treatise on patience and longsuffering. While it is indeed a profound study on how one can maintain the perspective that God is in charge no matter what the circumstances in which we find ourselves, Dr. Ross has peeled back the covers to show that there is signficantly more in the book.

First of all, it is quite signficant to note that, according to many scholars, Job is the oldest book of the Bible. Therefore, it predates Genesis, and it is reasonable to surmise that Moses was familiar with its contents when he was inspired to write Genesis and the rest of the Pentateuch. When Job, Genesis 1, and the other 24+ chapter-length Biblical accounts of creation are considered in aggregate, it is amazing and enlightening to see how they complement and reinforce a unified, coherent, and consistent account of all the events surrounding the creation of the universe. And as Dr. Ross points out in the new book, there are significant predictions in Job of what scientific researchers would one day discover about the nature and origins of the universe — not the least of which is dark matter, which was only recently discovered and explained within the past few years.

The following is a thought-provoking promotional video for the book. I encourage you to watch the video and then read the book for yourself as soon as possible.


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