If you think YOU’ve had a rough day, talk to Doug Smith

[T]he following videos have special personal meaning to me. First of all, I grew up in the Texas panhandle, and I am a big fan of Bob Phillips’s Texas Country Reporter program, which he has been producing successfully for many years. He goes to many, many out-of-the-way places and talks to everyday people about their special vocations, hobbies, histories, and myriad other fascinating, down-home subjects.

These video pieces are even more special to me because I personally know the subject of the story, Doug Smith, and he is one of my brother’s best friends.

Doug has a fascinating, tragic, and inspiring story. A few years ago he was a rising presence in the rich history of West Texas musicians (Buddy Holly, Mac Davis, and Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, to name a few). Doug plays original music that he himself composed and/or arranged. You see, he has to, because Doug doesn’t read music! He does it all in his head and in his heart.

Doug and my brother Alan became acquainted because Alan is also a hugely talented professional in the West Texas music industry, as a recording engineer and now studio owner. Doug has recorded every one of his many DVD projects under Alan’s direction, and several were recorded entirely in Alan’s own studio in Acuff, Texas. Doug was featured on a wonderful PBS documentary entitled, “There It Is,” and Alan assisted in the show’s production. Doug is even the subject of a page on Wikipedia .

However, a tragic car accident in 2007 instantly paralyzed Doug from the neck down. The experts said he would be fortunate to even breathe on his own again. However, Doug’s indomitable inner strength, confidence in himself, and gratitude for his blessings has enabled him to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Our family had a special blessing when Doug shared his music at our mother’s funeral last year.

Resources for you:

I encourage you to watch this video piece about Doug. The video shows him in Alan’s studio (with the red carpet). Be sure and listen to Doug’s inspiring personal philosophy at the end.

[EZWebPlayer VideoID=dd6a8aab-deff-4e1b-afb7-d607a38b5b16/]

Here is one more video of another interview with Doug and he talks about the miracles that continue to happen with him in his new life of gratitude. Be inspired as I am!


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  1. I am a guitar player with some disability issues. Doug Smith’s interview helped me to see a disability as a gift. My music now has more purpose and meaning. Thank you, Doug

  2. Doug’s music was almost in the documentary LUBBOCK LIGHTS years ago. Working on that film introduced me to his music. I’ve played his LIVE recording numerous times. I only talked to him on the phone a couple times but he licensed music to me for my admission reel to the Radio TV and Film program at The University of Texas at Austin in 2002. Here is the video with the music:

  3. Would really like an update on Doug…have been looking for something on line to help keep up with this amazing man and his story…

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