Linked data — the next Web generation

Tim Berners-Lee recently gave a presentation at a TED conference on what he sees as the next generation of the Web — Linked Data. He sees organizations and even us as individuals contributing to a growing, well-organized (albeit organically) repository of raw data. This is being fueled by the exponential expansion of social networking and social media sites on the Web.

This talk (in the video below) is only a little bit “techie”, and I think everyone who has used the Internet at all recently can find relevance in it. Berners-Lee is one of the two “real” inventors of the Internet (note: they did NOT talk to Al Gore first!), so his thoughts here should be considered very significant.

By the way, TED ( is a great source of short presentations by expert accomplished speakers. Students would do well to study the presentations there to get ideas for how to make their own presentations.

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