Perhaps the Internet enables relationships with and among our students more than we think!

In a TED presentation I recently viewed, researcher Stefana Broadbent took on the often-heard notion that the Internet is causing isolation and anti-social behaviors for people in our modern culture. Maybe not, she says. You may find that this talk challenges your thinking in that arena, as it did mine. For example, her studies have shown that although young people may “friend” (only a few years ago, who would have thought that “friend” could be a verb?) a hundred people in Facebook or other social networking venues, most communicate regularly and intimately with less than five of those. And sometimes those intimate conversations are with friends and family members who may be a continent and an ocean away.

I was fascinated by her account of a couple from Europe but living in the United States who regularly have breakfast with one of their grandmothers back home, using a webcam and Internet communication software like Skype. Please visit her presentation below and see what you think!

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