Presenting a live, interactive session to participants on mobile devices — for free!

I’m really intrigued with a new service just announced, called YouVersion Live. It’s been created mainly for churches and ministries to host live, interactive events at a site, and have interactive particpation by people on their mobile devices. The interaction could include answering polls, submitting questions, and even online giving or payments.

I think this could have major uses in the classroom, particularly for blended or hybrid classes. I would seem that you could pose questions to the class, ask for imput, and distribute notes to any and all web-enabled phones in the classroom. And it’s all free, as is everything developed by the church behind YouVersion,

I don’t know any details yet, but they have prepared the video below to introduce us to the idea. Check it out, and I think you’ll be as intrigued as I am! Get more information at

Introducing YouVersion Live from YouVersion on Vimeo.

Share content on mobile devices during live events and services.

Invite interaction through polls, notes, prayers, giving, and more.

Share results and include feedback in your communication.

Get people actively involved in the message.

Introducing YouVersion Live from YouVersion on Vimeo.

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