The State of Creativity — OETA television series

The OETA educational TV network has begun airing a wonderful series on Creativity in the state of Oklahoma, entitled “State of Creativity.” It is of special interest to me because in episode 102, first aired last night (March 17), they highlight the providers of some exciting virtual reality business education curricula that I am currently using. Vertical Learning Curve is creating a full MBA curriculum using its virtual reality technology, which we are adapting for selected undergraduate courses in our online B.S. in Business Administration program.

You can learn more about VLC and the courses at

This segment also features an intriguing approach to teaching creativity being used now at the University of Tulsa, called StudioBlue. You can get more information on the entire OETA series at, and about the Oklahoma Creativity Project at

Enjoy the video!

How to Make Pedagogically Meaningful Animations for Teaching and Research Using PowerPoint and Camtasia

I just discovered a very interesting tutorial on using PowerPoint and Camtasia Studio to create teaching animations. The paper reviews and compares some of the various methods to accomplish the creation of such animations for illustrating concepts in cell biology and biochemistry. The techniques are universal, however, and can be employed in nearly any field where animation might help convey the information you are teaching. From the author Danton H. O’Day, of the University of Toronto at Mississauga:

“There is accumulating evidence that students learn more from animations than static graphics…I will show how pedagogically meaningful and visually appealing animations can be easily made using PowerPoint and a collaborative add-on program, Camtasia Studio.”

You can download the .pdf file here: odayanimationipsi2006.pdf

Read it and enjoy!

Note: A number of faculty members at ORU have started using Camtasia Studio for creating tutorials, recorded lectures and more for online learning. You can review the product at More about applications of this technology will be forthcoming in another post to this site a little later…