Hand-drawn illustration of a talk and making it a video

In an earlier post, I shared Mr. Daniel Pink’s talk on his book, Drive. I discovered this additional version of the presentation. I believe it is the same audio track, but an organization named RSA has modified the video to be a very innovative, hand-drawn-on-a-whiteboard illustration of the talk. I find it fascinating for its communicative value. The site where you can see more illustrated talks is www.theRSA.org.

Here is the illustrated talk:

Mindmapping and Project Management

I recently made a presentation at the 14th Annual Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning in Orlando, Florida. In it I described how we are planning to use an interesting combination of mind mapping software and project management software to manage a major online development project (converting about 100 correspondence courses to online courses).

You can download the PowerPoint file from that talk here.

By the way, it is a great conference. This was my second time to attend and present there.