Ways to address online cheating and academic integrity

In my conversations with colleagues about online education, the topics of cheating and academic integrity often come up. While these topics are also of concern in the traditional classroom, some may feel that online technologies may actually enable more widespread cheating.

Here is an interesting article from a Desire2Learn newsletter that discusses some ways to address such concerns.


In particular I found the discussion about creating contextual versus generic assignments very interesting. That is what I have been doing for quite some time — provide contextual assignments where students must study and interact with their own world and environment and report back on what they’ve discovered. Enjoy!

Oklahoma Distance Learning Association Conference in Tulsa, November 5-6, 2007

The Oklahoma Distance Learning Association is sponsoring a statewide conference in Tulsa this November 5 and 6. Its theme is “Web 2.0 in Education.” Registration is free to everyone, but do preregister as soon as you can to ensure a spot at the conference. It is being held at Oklahoma State University — Tulsa, my former place of employment before I came to ORU.

Just CLICK HERE and visit the registration site to put your name on the attendance list. I encourage you to go!